tirsdag den 21. september 2010

Why I haven't been around

Billedet - eller rettere sagt den lille dreng - er årsagen til jeg har været væk så længe :). Maximillian blev født den 4 august på Svendborg sygehus.
Storesøster Athena er meget glad for Maximillian og nyder at være storesøster - men hold op der var liiiige en del grænser der skulle prøves af:)

This - or the little boy on the picture - is the reason why I haven't been around for quite some time.
Maximillian was born on august 4th. Big sis Athena is loving this little boy and enjoys beeing a big sis.
Jeg har ikke rigtig haft lysten til at scrappe eller være det mindste kreativ - men lysten ser ud til at være på vej tilbage - det vil jeg glæde mig over og forhåbentlig få lavet noget.

Have a nice day

tirsdag den 20. april 2010


This Layout was made back in november but I simply forgot to put up some pictures - sorry:)

It's my little princess back in 2008 when she had her first summer vaccation from the daycare. She loves to be creative just like her mom, so maybe she'll turn into a scrapper too:)

I didn't put on a lot of stuff because the paper has a lot of colours. And the letters match the colours of the colour pad she is using:)

The double Layout as one:)

Right side of the Layout

And the leftside.

Hope you liked it.. have a nice evening :)

fredag den 16. april 2010

Fuld Fart Frem

This is the newest of my layouts.. and I choose the lilac because Athena's shirt is green and lilac. The other kid on the LO is her cousin.
She is so full of energi.

I still think that something is missing on the Layout.. do you have any ideas? Please tell me so:)
Have a nice everning.

I'm still alive :)

Hey guys
I'm still here and still alive.. here is the reason why I haven't been around for quite some time. I'm pregnant and have been really really sick. Twice at the hospital and away from job for nearly 5 weeks - and when I finally got back I had a hard time getting energy enough for job, family and scrapping:)
But here I am, and later today I'll show you some projects I've been working on lately.

Btw, due date is august 3rd:) And it looks like its a little boy:) We have a lovely princess already, she will turn 4 september 1th.

Latest picture of our little new one:)
Have a nice evening :)