onsdag den 18. november 2009

christmas cards in november

Hi everyone.
Like I told you a week ago, I'm still here:)
I have been working on some christmas card for the upcoming christmas *how bright is that*LOL. and I've made some very simple ones, and actually thats what people want to buy around here - funny. I would rather have one with a lot on but....
One with a present on and some snowflakes. The giftribbon and the flakes did get some embossing.
card with nodes on? again flakes with embossing and nodes with glitter on

again flakes with embossing and the same for the red thingi :)

same as the first one, but with different patterned paper and a gold strip.

This is one of my favorite. I like the flower with embossing on and simply love the patterned paper.

again the lovely paper but with a tree on (embossed again)

A "typical" card size with different stuff on.

Another one:)

All the things like, nodes, flower, snowflakes, tree and so on are from my QK squeezer.
Have a nice day
P.s for thoose of you thats on facebook - I uploaded some pictures from the area/city I'm living in if you're interested:)

tirsdag den 3. november 2009

I'm still alive :)

Sorry for not being around lately and sorry for not leaving a comment on your blogs - though I have been reading them :)

BUT... I bought a house together with my husband and we have been, steaming wallpaper of, Filled all walls, pondered all walls, put on some new wallpaper and also been painting 'em. Futhermore the wooden panels had to be pondered and painted.

And and and... one day tolk another and several month just went by without me blogging and scrapping aso.

But I have been working on some stuff and will show you soon:)

Have a nice evening.