mandag den 13. oktober 2008

Convention oktober 08

It was a totally great day, although I didn't want to go there at the first place :( BUT.. then I joined the table with Naja :) and and and... she is so happy, tells jokes and you have to laugh all the day:)
One of her jokes is on the following picture.
Naja bought some buttons and among them there was this little blue thingi. And Naja says " oh, I know what this is, it's a butplug for a barbie doll".. and do I have to tell you that everyone at the table was laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes.
Oh my.. convention with Naja is like doing sports for one hole day, you laugh all day and your muscles are used all day:)
Thank you Naja for brighten up my day:)
Here you see Anni, also from the town where Naja lives:)
Oh well.. this messy table belongs to us.. and on the end of it you see my messy place :)
Trine and Pernille (aka curly)

Thanks ladies for an awsome day:)